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Statement by Dr. Karaev

The human being is the most complicated biological computer. In a body of an adult, according to various estimations, there are some 100 trillion cells and every cell possesses its specific program and code. Maybe, it might take many decades to create a computer that would resemble a biological computer of the human body for the purpose of learning its functional opportunities. In recent years I managed to reach it is guaranteed good results in researches and practice of rejuvenation of an organism and aesthetic rehabilitation when technology BET delicately adjust and restore biological programs of a human body, promoting recovery of health that is observed not only visually, but also by results of various analyses, including blood tests and hormones. BET is - technologies of the future which you can appreciate today. Welcome!

First of all, we would like to thank you for your interest in Dr. Karaevs BET methods. We urge you to carefully examine the contracts and certificates of those students who practice Dr Karaevs bio-electric technology methods - ВЕТ. In case the practitioners lack proper certification or their documents have expired, we do not guarantee the results, nor do we ensure that they have the right to use Dr Roman Karaevs ВЕТ methods.

The main contraindications for the sessions:

  • Psychiatric illness, alcoholism, drug addiction
  • Cancer and hormone replacement therapy
  • Eruptions of an inflammatory nature on the skin of the face and body
  • Feverish condition (temperature)
  • Less than two months after surgery, subcutaneous and intra dermal injections, or other profound effects in the area of the face or body
  • Periods
  • Men should be clean-shaven

On the day before, during and after the sessions is not recommended:

  • Hot tub, sauna, pool, Solarium within 3 days
  • Exercise, physical activity for 3 days
  • Using alcohol, strong tea and coffee, spicy foods
  • Staying in direct sun for 3 days
  • Staying in the cold longer than 20 minutes within 3 days
  • Eating earlier than 1-2 hours after the session
  • Sleeping earlier than 3-4 hours after the session
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