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Dr Roman Karaevs cosmetic oil (skin care for the face, body and hands)

  • Dr Roman Karaevs cosmetic oil is a natural product that contains no additives or preservatives (can even be used as a food supplement).
  • Has the consistency of oil and the properties of cream.
  • Has a regenerative, moisturising, nutritional, sunscreen, and cold-screen effects.
  • Exerts a soothing effect on the skin.
  • Restores the top layer of skin (epidermis).
  • Can be stored for more than two years at room temperature.
  • Has a pleasant, delicate smell.
  • Can be applied in a clinical environment for face and body procedures and is likewise recommended for domestic use.

The primary materials for the oil are extracted from select varieties of olives. The oil is processed using only natural ingredients.

Patented technology.


Cosmetic Oil for Suntan with a Sunscreen Effect

Offered to your attention is brief information about unique, totally natural cosmetic oil, which can be kept at home, in room-temperature, for more than two years (and which, at will, can be even used for food). The cosmetic oil has been in use since 1994 and since then the technological process has changed several times.

At present, it is a natural cosmetic product unparalleled in the world, produced of Extra-virgin olive oils. By special technology olive oils are exposed to exclusively external manipulation with the help of various outer factors and ultra-low electricity value produced by the BET (BioElectricalTechnology) devices. As a result of such treatment olive oil changes its inner structure and, consequently, it functions as cream still preserving its oil appearance.

The cosmetic oil production technology is protected by two Russian Federation patents: : № 2040251 and № 2549460. The author of both technology and invention is Dr.Roman Karaev. The cosmetic oil is fully certified in Russia, also its use in the European Union is covered by the permission issued by the BIORIUS sprl, BELGIUM certifying center.

The use of the product

When the cosmetic oil is applied to the skin at the temperature of 30°C in the sun, it is used without any sun-protection cream and provides an even and beautiful sun tan.

When the cosmetic oil has been applied to the skin, it is not recommended to stay in the direct sun for more than one hour, after which staying in the shade will not prevent your skin from acquiring a beautiful, even and long-lasting suntan.

At the temperature above 30°C in the sun, it is necessary to spread over the cosmetic oil some sunscreen cream with sun protecting factor (SPF) 20 to 30, depending on the individual skin sensitivity and the country you are visiting, for example at sea or ocean. It is also recommended not to lie in the direct sun for more than an hour, while the subsequent stay in the shade may add to your skin a beautiful and long-lasting tan.

If you choose to stay in the shade instead of lying in the sun, it is enough to merely apply the cosmetic oil, and get a beautiful and even suntan.

If you choose to stay in the direct sun for a lengthy period, it is necessary to select sun-protection creams that suit your skin with the sun protecting factor (SPF) higher than 30 and apply them over the cosmetic oil.

Sunscreen creams will protect your skin from excessive activity of sun rays, while the natural cosmetic oil will provide an even and beautiful suntan.

The time recommended for staying under direct sun rays:
At the sea side until 12.00 or after 16.00.
At the ocean side until 11.00 and after 16.00.

The offered natural cosmetic oil will have a beneficial effect on your skin giving it a beautiful suntan and, at the same time, protecting it from the hot sun.


The cosmetic oil is to be used by drops – in small quantities: for example, applying it to the face and neck you should use up to 10 drops, a little bit is to go for arms, legs and body. You are recommended to spread it evenly on all the surface of exposure to the sun and rub it in gently. The cosmetic oil should be applied on clean, washed and dried skin.

The smaller the amount of the oil is used, the better is to be the effect. In special cases, if your skin is excessively sensitive, you may apply a second layer of the cosmetic oil.

You are strongly advised NOT to use the cosmetic oil in great quantities as this will reduce the announced effectiveness of its impact.


Storage conditions require room temperature of +10° to +25°C, away from the sun and out of sharp changes of temperature. Under these conditions the oil can be stored for more than two years.

The major difference of the cosmetic oil and similar products

1.It is absolutely natural,
2.It contains nopreservation agents or fragrance components,
3.It has oil texture but cream characteristics,
4.It has a moisturizing and nourishing effect,
5.It effectively regenerates the epidermis,
6.It has cold protection effect,
7.It acts as a sun screen,
8.It provides a beautiful and even suntan,
9.It has a skin relaxing effect,
10.It is non-allergic,
11.It may be stored for a long time (for two years or more) in room-temperature.

Prospective development

Various kinds of olive oil can be further used as a basis for the future creation of other products, such as:

1. Natural cosmetic oil for care and prevention of skin ageing of a) face and neck, b) hands, c) body,
2. Natural cosmetic oil for skin regeneration after burns, scalds and scorches,
3. The natural cosmetic oil for skin protection against cold and cold weather,
4. Natural cosmetic oil for skin care of newly-born babies and nurslings,
5. Natural cosmetic oil forpreemptive care of skin problems, such as intertrigo, rash, bed sores and others.

Proposal for olive oil producing companies

If the production of the natural cosmetic oil is of interest to you, the following arrangement is possible: Dr.Roman Karaev may come to visit oil producers, test various grades of Extra-virgin olive oil, choose suitable sorts, produce the cosmetic oil out of the chosen samples. He will then hand over the produced cosmetic oil in quantities required for testing or analysis to individuals or companies concerned. When appropriate agreement of cooperation is reached and contracts signed, the production of the cosmetic oil will take place in olive oil producing countries.

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