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The human being is the most complicated biological computer. In a body of an adult, according to various estimations, there are some 100 trillion cells and every cell possesses its specific program and code. Maybe, it might take many decades to create a computer that would resemble a biological computer of the human body for the purpose of learning its functional opportunities. In recent years I managed to reach it is guaranteed good results in researches and practice of rejuvenation of an organism and aesthetic rehabilitation when technology BET delicately adjust and restore biological programs of a human body, promoting recovery of health that is observed not only visually, but also by results of various analyses, including blood tests and hormones. BET is - technologies of the future which you can appreciate today. Welcome!

Doctor Roman Karaev M.D., Ph.D.:

  • Has 8 medical doctor specializations,
  • Author of over 40 patented inventions,
  • Author of over 60 of published scientific  article
  • Author of the first comprehensive Russian manual – "Beauty Therapy"
  • Author of two published revolutionary interdisciplinary scientific hypotheses: 1) In the field of microbiology and endocrinology, the publication  Russian Information Agency - RIA Novosty, Medicine News No. 5 News 1996 (about interrelation of microbes and hormones of a human body); 2) In the field of biophysics and physiology (about the mechanism of restoration of function of membranes of the cages radiating bioelectric potentials), the publication - the patent for the invention of the Russian Federation No. 2431509 of 17.05.2010
  • Active member of a whole range of international scientific academies
  • Inventor of BET Methods (BET - BioElectrical Technology)

Doctor Roman Karaev is the author of 2 published belletristic books:

1. "Selected Senses" (160 pages,illustrated, Moscow, 2005)

The book presents a selection of aphorisms, maxims, poetry and stories.

2. "Other Selected Senses" (136 pages, illustrated, Мoscow, 2013)

The book presents a selection of aphorisms, maxims and reflexions of the author. 

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