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Information on some publications and achievements of doctor Roman Karaev

  • Summary of the Ph.D. thesis.
  • Methodical sciences recommendations.
  • Author more than 60 published articles in world, European, Russian academic publications and in materials of various international congresses. Among which, for example, a review "Cosmetology in Russia" which became the first similar article for all history USSR and Russia ordered to doctor Karaev and published in the academic European-international magazine JEADV in April, 1997.
  • Author of the first full Russian manual "Beauty Therapy". Moscow, 1999, 303 p., 9 sections, 72 illustrations.
  • Institutor and president of the first international congress "Beauty and Science" Riga, Latvia, 2000.
  • The Author of two published revolutionary interdisciplinary scientific hypotheses: 1. In the field of microbiology and endocrinology, the publication Russian Information Agency - RIA Novosty, Medicine News No. 5 News 1996 (about interrelation of microbes and hormones of a human body); 2. In the field of biophysics and physiology (about the mechanism of restoration of function of membranes of the cages radiating bioelectric potentials), the publication - the patent for the invention of the Russian Federation No. 2431509 of 17.05.2010.
  • The Author of seventeen (17) copyright certificates on inventions (patents) of the Russian Federation (№№: 2021800, 2021831, 2030176, 2040250, 2040251, 2054923, 2054930, 2123321, 2223090, 2316303, 56256, 2310430, 377148, 2367480, 2431509, 2549460, 2570757).

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